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Our experience with Red Comet was very easy and smooth. We needed to use Red Comet during the pandemic to fulfill some of my child's requirements to graduate. The school district accepted the classes and she was off. She was able to pace herself and get the work done when she had time. She set a schedule for herself and met many of those timeline dates with the help of Red Comet organization structure. I would highly recommend Red Comet classes as a substantive learning tool for high school students.

My son took the English 1 class this year. This is our first year doing Red Comet. He has some learning challenges that could not easily be accommodated in a traditional classroom. Teaching English has been hard so I really appreciate the support that Red Comet teachers provided in this class.

I want to say thank you so much for all you have done to help me and encourage me for the past year and half. I have absolutely loved the class and have learned so much. I know, I could not have done it without you. There were so many times that I did not understand the concepts... and you have been so helpful, even responding over the summer. Your encouragement has been so impactful. I just want to say thank you. You have been an amazing teacher.


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