Case Study - Toppenish


With Red Comet’s help,
Toppenish High School Beats the Odds


Nestled in the Yakima Indian Reservation, Toppenish serves a demographic that is nearly 100% poor >and 95% minority. Yet, Toppenish ranked the highest in all of Washington State when it came to on-time graduation of high school students! Toppenish High School has a graduation rate of nearly 98% with 81?ing college ready and 85% continuing some form of post-secondary education.

Since 2008, Toppenish High School has been using the Red Comet Online Program as an integral part of student learning. School Year Graduation Rate
2016-17 96%
2015-16 98%
2014-15 95%
2013-14 94%
2012-13 90%


Since 2008, Toppenish High School’s on-time graduation rate has steadily increased from the eighties to mid-nineties and in the past 3 years, has consistently stayed 95% or above.


Trevor Greene

Principal of Toppenish High School, 2008-2014
National Principal of the Year, 2013

Red Comet's online program has been instrumental to Toppenish High School's success in providing an alternative to traditional classroom setting. The initial success of Red Comet at Toppenish High School led to a school-wide implementation of the program where every student has the opportunity to participate in and expand learning using Red Comet curriculum.

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