Red Comet’s mission is to create a social and economic impact on society through education.

Red Comet is one of the oldest online programs in the State of Washington and was founded in the year 1998 with the mission of creating a positive impact on society through education. The curriculum is designed to State, Common Core and NGSS standards and allows students to study anywhere and at any time.

We strive to help students overcome social, economic, familial and health barriers by bringing education to the student no matter where they are. COVID-19 has created an unfortunate situation where these barriers have been further raised for many students and the economic divide has widened. Our fight to break down these barriers continues as we endeavor to serve as many students as possible during these unique times.

Our online program offers several options for students all the way from credit recovery to advanced placement. Our students come from all different demographics: public high schools, private high schools, rural schools and home schools.

High School Dropouts in America – By the Numbers

  • They earn 40% less than those who are high school graduates
  • They earn 60% less than those with bachelor’s degrees
  • The unemployment rate is 30% higher amongst those who do not have a high school degree
  • They are twice as likely to live in poverty
  • Their incarceration rate is 63 times higher than those with bachelor degrees.
  • Dropouts cost taxpayers close to $300K over a lifetime.
  • Those with bachelor’s degrees see their salaries grow over their lifetime while those with just a high school degree or none at all see their incomes drop.

Red Comet’s dropout prevention program has successfully helped school districts stall and revert the dropout curve.

Red Comet is:

  • Fully Accredited by Cognia AdvancEd and NWAC
  • Approved in Arkansas (ADE), California (University of California), Idaho and Washington (OSPI)
  • Approved by NCAA
  • Fully Aligned to Common Core, Next Generation Science Standards and State Standards
  • An online program with one of the highest completion & success rates in the industry

Please review Red Comet’s Non-Sectarian and Anti-Discrimination Policies

Accreditation & Approvals