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World Geography II

World Geography II

Recommended Grade Level: 9 - 12

Course Credits: 0.5

Course Price: $285.00

Course Details:

World Geography II

In this course, students learn about the culture of various countries from different continents. Students get to explore the history, food, language, religion, clothing, celebrations & events, music, art & architecture of France, United Kingdom, Australia, India, Japan and China. Students develop a sense of understanding of different cultures and learn to appreciate the uniqueness of each one.


Section 1: France

  • Geography of France
  • History of France
  • Food in France
  • Religion in France
  • Clothing in France
  • Celebrations and Events in France
  • Music, Dance, Theater and Opera in France
  • Art and Architecture in France

Section 2: England

  • Geography of England
  • History of England
  • History of Sovereign Kingdom
  • Food in England
  • Religion in England
  • Clothing in England
  • Celebrations and Events in England
  • Music, Dance, Theater and Opera in England
  • Art and Architecture in England

Section 3: Australia

  • Geography of Australia
  • History of Australia
  • Food in Australia
  • Religion in Australia
  • Clothing in Australia
  • Celebrations and Events in Australia
  • Music, Dance, Theater and Opera in Australia
  • Art and Architecture in Australia

Section 4: India

  • Geography of India
  • History of India
  • Food in India
  • Religion in India
  • Clothing in India
  • Celebrations and Events in India
  • Music and Dance in India
  • Art in India
  • Architecture in India

Section 5: Japan

  • Geography of Japan
  • Food in Japan
  • Religion in Japan
  • Clothing in Japan
  • Celebrations and Events in Japan
  • Music, Dance, Theater and Opera in Japan
  • Literature in Japan
  • Art and Architecture in Japan

Section 6: China

  • Geography of China
  • Food in China
  • Religion in China
  • Clothing in China
  • Celebrations and Events in China
  • Music, Dance, Theater and Opera in China
  • Literature in China
  • Art in China
  • Architecture in China

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