Spanish Around the World Semester 1

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 Spanish Around the World Semester 1
  • Recommended Grade Level: 9-12
  • Course Credits: 0.5
  • Course Price: $299.00

Course Overview:

Are you ready for some adventure? In Spanish 2 Semester I, you’ll travel through several countries including Spain, Mexico, Brazil and Peru. You will also visit Puerto Rico.You will learn about their history, traditions, food, geography, culture, music, art, economy, political situation etc. In this course, you’ll broaden your Spanish vocabulary and your knowledge of grammar. The purpose of this course is to strengthen your Spanish listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. You’ll also experience the beauty and expressiveness of a language that is shared by different people and cultures throughout the world.



Section 1 –Spain

  • Geography Of Spain
  • Early History Of Spain
  • Conquests & Creation Of Imperial Spain
  • The Fall Of The Spanish Empire
  • The Glorious Revolution & Civil War
  • The Culture Of Spain
  • Music, Art & Architecture Of Spain
  • The Economy Of Spain
  • Relations With The United States

Section 2 - Mexico

  • Geography Of Mexico
  • Early History Of Mexico
  • Spainish Conquest Of Mexico
  • Colonial Law
  • The Culture & Traditions Of Mexico
  • Music, Art & Architecture Of Mexico
  • The Economy Of Mexico
  • Relations With The United States

Section 3 – Puerto Rico

  • Geography Of Puerto Rico
  • Early History Of Puerto Rico
  • Spanish Conquest Of Puerto Rico
  • The Culture & Traditions Of Puerto Rico
  • The Economy Of Puerto Rico
  • Relations With The United States

Section 4 - Brazil

  • Geography Of Brazil
  • Early History Of Brazil
  • The Europeans In Brazil
  • The Culture & Traditions Of Brazil
  • The Economy Of Brazil
  • Relations With The United States 

Section 5 - Peru

  • Geography Of Peru
  • Early History Of Peru
  • The Spanish Conquest Of Peru
  • The Culture & Traditions Of Peru
  • The Economy Of Peru
  • Relations With The United States

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