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Physical Science - Semester - 2

Physical Science - Semester - 2

Recommended Grade Level: 9 - 12

Course Credits: 0.5

Course Price: $250.00

Course Details:

This course is designed as an interactive introduction to basic physics and chemistry. Topics include forces and motion, energy through waves, electricity and magnetism, the matter around us, chemical bonding and reactions.This course is designed to serve as a foundation for the study of the physical sciences. Students use scientific inquiry and higher-order problem solving as they explore these topics through interactive simulations, and both virtual and hands-on experiences. In addition, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) concepts are integrated throughout the course. Collaborative projects and real-world assessments aid the student in ultimately demonstrating an understanding of the importance of the physical and chemical properties of the world around them.

Required Materials:

Student-Supplied Resources:

  • Lab Equipment: View the materials you will need for each module.
  • Scientific Calculator: You will need a scientific calculator with logarithmic functions and scientific notation capabilities

Other Resources (Free Downloads):

  • Adobe Flash Player
  • Java
  • Windows Media Player
  • Apple iTunes


Segment II

Module Four: Classifying Matter

  • 00 Classifying Matter Pretest
  • 01 States of Matter
  • 02 Classifying Matter
  • 03 Properties of Matter
  • 04 Atomic Theory
  • 04 Honors Atomic Theory
  • 05 Properties of Atoms
  • 06 The Periodic Table of Elements
  • 07 Classifying Matter Discussion-Based Assessment
  • 08 Classifying Matter Exam

Module Five: Chemical Properties

  • 00 Chemical Properties Pretest
  • 01 Electrons and Bonding
  • 02 Ionic and Covalent Bonds
  • 03 Chemical Formulas
  • 04 Hydrogen Hydroxide
  • 05 Acids and Bases
  • 06 Lab Time: Acid and Base Indicators
  • 07 Chemical Properties Discussion-Based Assessment
  • 08 Chemical Properties Module Exam

Module Six: Reactions

  • 00 Reactions Pretest
  • 01 Chemical Reactions
  • 02 Classifying Chemical Reactions
  • 03 Chemical Reactions and Energy
  • 03B Modeling Chemical Reactions
  • 04 Reaction Rates and Temperature Laboratory
  • 04B Chemical Reaction Systems
  • 05 Radioactivity
  • 06 Nuclear Reactions
  • 06 Honors Regulating Nuclear Power
  • 07 Impact of Biotechnology
  • 07B Engineering Design II
  • 08 Reactions Discussion-Based Assessment
  • 09 Reactions Module Exam
  • 10 Segment Two Exam

Accreditation & Approvals

Cognia Advanced
International Association for K-12 Online Learning
National Collegiate Athletic Association
Northwest Accreditation Commission Board
Washington OSPI
University of California
Department of Education - Idaho
Arkansas Department of Education