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Grade 5 Health Semester - 2

Grade 5 Health Semester - 2

Recommended Grade Level: 5

Course Price: $285.00

Course Details:

Elementary Health 5 helps young learners establish a basic understanding of the aspects of health. Students focus on the various aspects of their health and how they can make healthy choices. Topics of study include personal safety, reducing illness, avoiding bullying, nutrition, healthy friendships, emergency situations, and the human body. Fourth grade will study the functioning systems of the body. Fifth grade will be covering the reproductive system, puberty, and STDs.

Technical Requirements:

  • Microsoft word
  • PDF Reader
  • Power point
  • Excel
  • Google Docs


This course is divided into the following Units and Sections. Each section within a unit can be completed in about one week.


Unit 5: Influences on Health

  • 5.1 Course Introduction
  • 5.2 Evaluation of Health Sources
  • 5.3 Consumer Health
  • 5.4 Environmental Health

Unit 6: Safety & Emergencies

  • 6.1 Injury Prevention
  • 6.2 Household Safety
  • 6.3 Emergency Preparedness
  • 6.4 Life Threatening Situations

Unit 7: Avoiding Bullying

  • 7.1 Emotions & Behavior
  • 7.2 Trusted Adults
  • 7.3 Personal Boundaries
  • 7.4 Bullying & Harassment

Unit 8: The Human Body

  • 8.1 Human Life Cycle
  • 8.2 Human Reproductive System
  • 8.3 Puberty
  • 8.4 STDs and AIDS

Accreditation & Approvals

Cognia Advanced
International Association for K-12 Online Learning
National col-2dot4legiate Athletic Association
Northwest Accreditation Commission Board
Washington OSPI
University of California
Department of Education - Idaho
Arkansas Department of Education
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