Technology, Curriculum & Administration

Technology, Platform, and Curriculum Integration


Ms. Tanvi Shetty

Platform QA & Content Integration Support

Tanvi has over 4 years’ experience working with Learning Management platform. She has extensive experience working with launching content on Learning Management Platform and performing quality assurance checks on the content and the design applied to the courses. Tanvi has a Post graduate degree in Computer Applications and a graduate degree in technology. Ms. Shetty has several years of experience as a Quality Assurance Analyst in one of the leading IT companies. She has worked with multiple clients that included international banks and well-known product-based companies. Her expertise comprises of Mobile App Testing, Product Testing, Functional Testing, Manual Testing and ALM Administration.

At Red Comet, Tanvi is responsible for designing and launching content to conform to the accessibility and design standards. She is responsible for quality assurance checks on the design and content upload. She maintains processes for testing platform compliance on various devices, and launching licensed content. She works with her team to ensure the course and course details maintenance on the database. She also assists with investigating and fixing course and platform related issues and performing routine administrative tasks.


Mr. Manas B Sharma

Field Education Technology Officer

Manas is a true scientist at heart. As Red Comet’s Field Ed Tech Officer and first point of contact with schools in Washington, he is constantly training students and teachers alike on AR/VR technologies while taking observations and collecting data on how to strengthen these integrations into the classroom and improve student learning from a student’s perspective. His work takes him across the breadth of the state and is heavily informed by his background in ecology (MS from IISER TVM, 2019) which has given him expertise on a variety of topics and imparts a holistic “big picture” worldview.


Ms. Jessica Feauto

Database Specialist and App Builder

Jessica Feauto has six years of experience and has the Platform App Builder Certification in Salesforce. Ms. Feauto also has six years of QuickBase experience and is a certified App Builder and Expert. At Red Comet, Ms. Feauto guides the development and management of the student database, ticketing system and CRM.


Mr. Mohamed Sadath

Digital Design & Graphics

Mr. Sadath has been involved in graphic design for over 10 years now. Mohamed specializes in conventional Graphic / Creative Design and high quality 3D Graphics. He is well versed in 3D Modeling, texturing, Lighting and rendering. Sadath is very familiar with various design software including CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Dreamweaver, Autodesk 3DS Max and MentalRay. At Red Comet, Sadath assists with the branding, including the logo, color themes, brochures, website layout, advertising and marketing materials, etc. Sadath also creates the infographics and digital designs for all Red Comet curriculum.


Mr. Kashif Hussain

Website Administrator

Mr. Hussain has over 20 years of experience in web solutions, design and management. He has worked at several multinational companies in various roles – software design, project manager and strategic business consulting. He is an experienced IT Professional with an in-depth knowledge of client/server software application systems with strong project management and team leading experience across the entire software delivery lifecycle from project initiation through to development and acceptance. At Red Comet, Mr. Hussain is responsible for designing, developing and maintaining the website.


Ms. Lavanya Veeramallu

Data collection and Scheduling Support Specialist

Ms. Veeramallu has a Master’s degree in Public Administration and Management and Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications. She is also certified in MS Office applications. She has received numerous awards in Academics & Service activities.

At Red Comet, Lavanya will support the technical administration and curriculum integration team with course editing, course-related data collection and scheduling courses. She performs administration related course checks to maintain course sanity, structure, and robustness.


Ms. Asha Basavanappa

LMS Integration Quality Assurance Specialist

Asha has close to two years of experience as eLearning Quality Assurance Specialist with Red Comet. She has prior extensive experience in IT life-cycle management (procurement, deployment, tracking, auditing, validation, and disposal) in one of the leading IT companies. She also has extensive auditing experience at several multi-national banking companies. Prior to Red Comet, Asha has over 8 years of experience in different fields such as IT procurement, IT asset management, Project Management Operations, Retail Asset Operations and Insurance. She has a post-graduate degree in Commerce. At Red Comet, Asha is responsible for auditing online eLearning lessons as part of quality assurance process. As a part of the quality assurance, she is responsible for identifying inconsistencies in the LMS integration of curriculum and is also responsible for ensuring best-in-class functionality of eLearning assets through testing, providing feedback in a collaborative way enhancing the courseware portfolio.


Ms. Swati Ravi

Instructional Design and Course Administration

Ms. Swati has more than three years’ experience as an academic researcher in Business administration. She specializes in University-Industry relations, life science corporate- location strategies and processes research as a part of Doctoral studies. Swati holds a master’s degree in applied biosciences/ business studies from Uppsala University. She has actively worked on time-bound educational development projects within academic entrepreneurship in Uppsala University, Sweden. She has engaged in learning development collaborations with university professionals and healthcare experts at life science multinationals. Her expertise includes Curriculum/syllabus development and business research. At Red Comet, Swati is responsible for course launch activities including but not limited to interactions design and implementation on the courses, design an upload of completed curriculum on the LMS confirming to accessibility and design standards. As a part of the support team, she is involved in exploring course and platform issue resolution. She also works with the QuickBase to keep the course launches current on the database.


Ms. Erin Long

Instructional Design

Erin Long has two decades of experience in education, with a specialty in online learning. She has a B.S. in Psychology, B.S. in Information Technology, and an M.Ed. in Adult Education. Erin has been a college instructor, academic advisor, corporate trainer, course developer, and instructional designer. Her work is referenced in dozens of textbooks and articles. At Red Comet, Ms. Long is responsible for creating videos, interactive learning modules, and other media that is used to enhance students’ interest and retention.


Mr. Nabarun Mondal

Video Editing Specialist

Mr. Nabarun Mondal specializes in video Editing and product design/visualization. He has over 10 years of experience in the field of video creation, animation and video editing. At Red Comet, Mr. Mondal is responsible for all video-related activities that are incorporated in the curriculum.


Mr. Denis Chernick

Database Analyst

Mr. Chernick is a high-experienced VBA Developer and Database Analyst. He's working in this area about 15 years and developing the dozens of databases and thousands of lines of code every month. He has a Bachelor's degree in Radiotechnics and Cybernetics. At Red Comet, Mr. Chernick develops applications that help manage the student database.


Mr. Ghulam Mustafa

Data Mining

Mr. Mustafa has over 7 years of experience in internet data mining, data entry and lead generation. At Red Comet, he helps create the database for managing future customers.



Ms. Catherine Thompson

Curriculum Specialist-Mathematics

Curriculum Specialist-Mathematics Ms. Thompson has a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics with a secondary education teaching endorsement from the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. She also holds a Master of Arts in Teaching Mathematics from Western Governor’s University. Ms. Thompson taught 6-12th grade mathematics for over 30 years before retiring and becoming a curriculum and professional development specialist. She is passionate about providing students with high quality personalized learning opportunities that emphasizes conceptual understanding and mastery learning. At Red Comet, Ms. Thompson is responsible for overseeing the development of the k-12 mathematics curriculum.


Ms. Gina Foxx

Curriculum Development

Ms. Gina Foxx has a BS in Experimental Psychology and an MA in Psychology (Neuroscience). Ms. Foxx has authored empirical research journal articles, managed a research laboratory, and overseen undergraduate honors research students. In addition to her work in research, Gina has developed university-level courses in the social sciences, edited non-fiction books, and created original content for New York Times bestselling authors in the wellness genre. At Red Comet, Gina is responsible for developing original content that are aligned to Common Core & State Standards.


Dr. Anna Chvyreva

Curriculum Specialist - Science

Dr. Anna Chvyreva has a Master's degree in Physics and a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and several years of research experience. She has authored several scientific and research papers. At Red Comet, Dr. Chvyreva helps guide curriculum development for science courses.


Dr. Rae Osborn

Curriculum Specialist – Life Sciences

Dr. Osborn has a PhD in Biology from the University of Texas in Arlington. She also has a MSc in Entomology, BSc (Hons), BSc in Entomology & Zoology and an Associate Degree in Computer Information Systems & Computer Networking. Dr. Osborn was a tenured Associate Professor of Biology and has published in peer-reviewed journals. At Red Comet, Dr. O is involved with Life Sciences curriculum.


Ms. Daphne Riley

Curriculum Specialist – Spanish Language

Ms. Daphne is an experienced language teacher whose love for teaching Spanish language and culture has only grown with her decade-long experience teaching high school, middle school, and one-on-one Spanish classes. She holds a BA in Spanish from Lawrence University where she spent a year abroad attending the University of Granada in Spain and graduated with honors. She went on to earn her Master's in Spanish Language and Literature and graduated with honors from Lehman College as part of the New York City Teaching Fellows Program.

Ms. Daphne started her career in education in New York City, teaching middle and high school Spanish in Title I schools for 10 years. In addition to teaching Spanish, she co-founded the Junior Year Study Abroad program at The Young Women’s Leadership School of Astoria, leading students annually on trips abroad. Daphne’s passion for Spanish and Latin American culture led naturally to her own travel study throughout Central and South America.

Student Services and Administration


Ms. Rajani Ankem

Lead - ALE Operations

Ms. Rajani Ankem has a Bachelor’s degree in Metallurgical Engineering and has worked in Quality Control of manufacturing process for nearly 7 years. At Red Comet, Ms. Ankem works closely with Mrs. Poisel to administer the ALE program to students across Washington.

She is also responsible for evaluating new or existing technologies to integrate into processes to achieve resource efficiency or greater accuracy.


Ms. Veronica Gallegos

Senior Customer Service Rep.

Veronica is responsible for customer service and day-to-day business operations at Red Comet. She is responsible for the day-to-day administering of coursework, tracking student progress, creating student reports and responding to student questions.


Ms. Melody Jones

Customer Service Representative

Melody is responsible for customer service and day-to-day business operations at Red Comet. She is responsible for the day-to-day administering of coursework, tracking student progress, creating student reports and responding to student questions.


Ms. Tracy Reed

Teacher Coordinator

Tracy Reed is a training and development specialist who recently retired after 24 years of teaching Secondary Marketing and Business Education in Arkansas public schools. At Red Comet, Tracy assists with day-to-day operations for the Arkansas and surrounding market, including managing student information on the LMS. She also provides customer service to students and school staff and assists with the technical administration of the curriculum.


Ms. Julie Van Boerum

Book Keeping & Invoicing

Ms. Julie Van Boerum has a Bachelor’s degree in Humanities from Brigham Young University. Julie has been providing bookkeeping services to small to medium size companies since 2016. At Red Comet, Julie performs bookkeeping services to ensure accurate reporting.


Ms. Ashley Ledbetter

Assistant - ALE Operations

Ms. Ledbetter has been an integral part of the ALE department for several years working under Mrs. Poisel, and is responsible for capturing and maintaining accurate student data for reporting purposes.


Ms. Helene Thomas

Assistant - ALE Operations

At Red Comet, Helene assists with the day-to-day operations of the ALE department. Helene has a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Washington and was employed at Washington CEO and California CEO magazines for thirteen years. She also served as a Guidance Counselor at Rainier Christian schools for six years. Helene has also been an instructor for the American Heart Association for over a decade.


Kiran Pamarthy

Assistant - ALE Operations

Ms. Pamarthy works with other members of the ALE department to ensure that processes are followed.


Karyssa Heron

Customer Service Assistant

Ms. Heron maintains student Records on the Learning Management Platform and QuickBase and assists with transcript preparation.

Awards, Approvals, and Accreditation