Reimagine Learning

Let your student experience "knowing" like never before

Access an exhaustive library of K-12 standards-aligned AR and VR-based immersive and interactive STEM content that feels real.

Whether the student is enrolled in core classes, advanced placement classes, electives, or CTE does not matter. Likewise, it does not matter if your student is in kindergarten or grade 12. All students will benefit from the awe-inspiring experience and learn by applying their creative faculties.

Benefits of Using our AR/VR Technology in Education:

Active Learning – Interacting live with scientific concepts promotes active learning. Students are no longer learning passively with information thrust upon them.

Differentiated Learning – Teachers can assign modules based on the student’s capabilities or where the student is in the learning plan.

Retention – visualization strengthens the connection between concepts and understanding. Research has proven that this heightens students’ retention of complex ideas.

Learning Using Multiple Modalities – Research has proven that using multiple modalities (visual, kinesthetic) reinforces concepts, leading to better retention.

Engagement – Being in an immersive environment increases student engagement and improves learning outcomes. When students are more engaged in education, they take greater ownership of their learning.

Aligned to National and State Curriculum Standards – All modules aligned to specific national and state standards.

Easy to Use - Both teachers and students find it easy to use the technology. Red Comet will provide the mapping of the AR/VR modules to specific lessons/sections in the online curriculum. Teachers can instruct students to launch the AR/VR technology as specified in the mapping.

Virtual Reality Include Virtual Reality (VR) in Your Day-to-Day Teaching:

Access the world’s most extensive library of standards-focused VR library. Use VR technology to bridge the gap between knowledge and understanding. Engage students at different levels and in different ways to improve learning outcomes.

Two key features that educators find useful with our VR technology are:

1. Formative Assessments in every VR module - Students continuously receive instant feedback, which helps correct the student’s understanding of the concept.

2. Robust Data Analytics – Teachers can log in and obtain details on the student’s performance (number of times activity attempted, score on the first attempt, best score, etc.)

Benefits of Using our VR technology:

Immersive – When using the headsets, students are in a fully immersive environment that is focused entirely on learning.

Learning in a Safe & Non-Judgmental Environment – Being in a safe virtual reality environment removes the pressure to impress or compete with peers. They can study a concept as often as they need to and take tests in an environment where they are not judged for their performance.

Distraction Free - In a virtual reality environment, there are no distractions from classmates, phones, etc. Instead, students can use the opportunity to truly immerse themselves in learning.


Please CLICK HERE to download a description of the VR technology and how you can harness it in your school or classroom.

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Include Augmented Reality (AR) in Your Day-to-Day Teaching:

Virtual Reality


Access the world’s most extensive library of AR modules designed with K-12 learning in mind. Our AR modules were never intended for entertainment. Instead, they were built to focus on academics right from the start.

Use AR technology to bring academic concepts alive inside your classroom! Pick open a heart and take an inside look at the chambers!
Dismantle an IC engine and put it all back together!
Get front-row seats to watch an earthquake unfold!
See how plants make food using photosynthesis and many more.

Enhance learning experiences in science classes – be it a kindergarten class or a high school class. Use AR to boost STEM education. Use our mapping of AR modules to career pathway courses for CTE education.

Benefits of Using our AR technology:

Labs that Come Alive – Teachers can engage the whole class in intensive, immersive lab activities requiring no consumables or lab equipment.

Better Student Engagement in Classroom – Participating in individual or group AR activities allows students to take charge of their learning.

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