Red Comet's Online Program for High School Courses Introduces a Popular Elective Course Titled 'School To Work'

Students from Washington State can now Take an Elective Course Titled “School To Work” for High School Credit at the Red Comet Online Program.

PROSSER, WA (PRWEB) October 11, 2012

Red Comet announced that a revised version of a very popular elective course titled ‘School To Work’ is now available as part of its self-paced online curriculum. The ‘School To Work’ course helps students prepare for transition from school to a real-world work environment. Students will have the opportunity to explore answers to many of life's biggest questions, such as "What should I do after I graduate?" and "How do I find a job?" etc.

The course leads the student step-by-step through the process of getting and keeping a job. All students who complete the School to Work course will have a definite edge in the job market. Upon completion of this self-paced online learning course, students will be able to identify their personal values and describe how these values affect their career choices. Students will take a personality inventory and identify their temperaments, and understand the influences of wants on their personal values. Distinguishing the differences between short and long term goals is important and students learn to write specific goals for themselves.

This course explores and identifies the different reasons why people work and the potential causes for job satisfaction or dissatisfaction. Students understand the different types of hours worked and identify advantages and disadvantages of each.

The importance of good time management is stressed throughout the course. Various options for receiving on-the-job training are explored. Students are encouraged to try out different job-related training programs that are available and then decide on a career choice.

“The course helped me get an appreciation for work life. The topics covered many different subjects and the material was presented using various examples. The assignments dealt with real-life situations that one might encounter at work. The material helped me think about what I wanted to do once I graduated from high school”, said one student who took the ‘School To Work’ course on the Red Comet online program. “Our son had taken all the core courses and had scored really well. But he was lacking in credits for elective courses. There were few elective courses that were offered at our public high school but none interested our son. Our counselor referred us to Red Comet online program and that finally saved us. Red Comet offers several elective courses that are very interesting and cover a wide range of subjects. Our son loved the School-to-Work course and he was finally able to get all the necessary credits to graduate high school!” exclaimed a parent from Washington State.

Red Comet is an online high school course provider approved by the Washington State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI). Red Comet is fully accredited by Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC), which is part of AdvancED.

Students throughout the country use Red Comet’s high school classes that include all the core subjects as well as numerous high school electives. All Red Comet course credits for high school classes are accepted by most High Schools throughout the United States of America. This applies to credit recovery as well.

A variety of students use Red Comet’s online learning program – students attending public high schools who need extra credits for high school classes, students attending private schools who are looking for electives, students in need of credit recovery, Home School High school students, student athletes, students with part-time jobs, students who dropped out of school, etc.

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