Red Comet Partnering with Arkansas Public School Resource Center (APSRC)

Red Comet has partnered with Arkansas Public School Resource Center (APSRC) to offer more than 175 courses through its network. Arkansas students attending public schools, private schools, charter schools or home-school can now enrol in Red Comet’s courses that meet the provisions of the Digital Learning Act of 2013 (Act 1280) which requires all Arkansas students to enrol in at least one full digital/online learning course approved by the Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) in order to earn a High School Diploma. Red Comet courses offered through APSRC span several subject areas including English, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, Arts, Health, World Languages, and Career Pathway Electives.

"With our partnership with APSRC, Red Comet can now help APSRC members in expanding the list of digital courses that are available to them to meet Act 1280 requirements. Red Comet will also help schools in preventing student dropout, increasing graduation rates, expanding elective/enrichment course offerings, and offering career pathway courses. Parents who are home schooling their children will now have access to teacher-lead online courses.” said Ms. Ganeshan, President of Red Comet.

Red Comet ( is a Fully Accredited (AdvancED) organization that has been offering online courses for credit since 1999. Students have over 175 courses to choose from. Many of these courses are also approved by the NCAA organization. Students use the Red Comet online program for original credit, credit retrieval, and credit recovery.

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