Red Comet Offers a Flexible Solution to High Schools across the United States for Dropout Prevention and to Increase the Rate of College Admissions

Red Comet’s Online High School Courses can Help Close the Gap Between High Achieving and Low Achieving Schools. Low Achieving Schools Partner with Red Comet to Significantly Reduce the Dropout Rate and Increase Interest in Students to Attend College, in line with the Statement by the Education Secretary Arne Duncan on the “Diane Rehm Show".

Prosser, WA (PRWEB) October 24, 2012

On a recent episode of "The Diane Rehm Show" on the National Public Radio (NPR), Ms. Rehm sat down with a handful of educational professionals and leaders to discuss the state of American Education in the face of politics and financial meltdowns. United States Education Secretary, Arne Duncan, was a guest on this show.

"We put out about $4 billion for states to compete for. And states that are willing to raise standards, states that are willing to think about evaluating teachers and principals in meaningful ways and support them better, states that are willing to turn around chronically under performing schools had a chance to receive those resources." stated the Mr. Duncan.

He went on further to explain precisely with a bit more clarity about the kinds of changes the government needed to see. He indicated that only four of the country's 50 states had raised their standards to enable high school graduates to be "college and career ready".

By offering financing for improved standards (which he explained had already been "internationally benchmarked"), the Secretary indicated that schools were able to ensure that graduates were ready for, "...four-year university, two-year community college, trade, technical, vocational training. Some form of education beyond high school is what's needed in today's globally competitive economy."

What is so interesting about the Secretary's comments is that he later went on to explain one statistic that proved the viability of the government's actions where educational standards are concerned. What he said was this:

"We need a more educated workforce, not a less educated one...We offered waivers to states where states could develop their own plan, hold themselves accountable to a higher bar. We gave them a lot more room to move. So rather than dictating from Washington, states now are empowered to challenge themselves to make sure every single student is graduating college and career-ready, challenging themselves to reduce dropout rates and increase graduation rates."

Red Comet offers a full high school curriculum that students can complete, at their own pace, and stay ahead of their school graduation requirement. Students can take Red Comet courses along with their regular high school work load. Red Comet also offers several very interesting elective courses to help students be career and college ready. “Many schools do not offer courses of this nature for either credit recovery or retrieval. When budgets are cut, some of the first courses that are dropped by schools are the electives. Red Comet’s online program offer these opportunities to students where they can learn about their favorite subject at their pace”, said Ms. Sapna Ganeshan, President of Red Comet.

Red Comet is an online high school course provider approved by the Washington State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI). Red Comet is fully accredited by Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC), which is part of AdvancED.

Students throughout the country use Red Comet’s high school classes that include all the core subjects as well as numerous high school electives. All Red Comet course credits for high school classes are accepted by most High Schools throughout the United States of America. This applies to credit recovery as well.

A variety of students use Red Comet’s online learning program – students attending public high schools who need extra credits for high school classes, students attending private schools who are looking for electives, students in need of credit recovery, Home School High school students, student athletes, students with part-time jobs, students who dropped out of school, etc.

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