Red Comet Launches an Updated Course Management and Delivery System (CMDS) for its Self-Paced Online High School.

Red Comet, an Accredited, Self-Paced, Online High School Launches an Updated Course Management and Delivery System which Helps Students, Parents and Teachers. This Updated CMDS features Advanced Reporting & Tracking utilities, Communication Facilities, Easy-to-Navigate Course Layout, Plagiarism Prevention Capability, Automatic Test Grading, Back-up & Storage Features to name a few.

Prosser, WA (PRWEB) November 08, 2012

Red Comet offers a complete online program that is both rigorous and engaging. Red Comet, which was approved as a Multi-district Online School Program Provider by the Office of superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI), has teamed with Toppenish School District in Washington State to create its first online program in conjunction with a school district. Red Comet’s online program excels not only in the breadth of its offering but also has received the best ratings for student satisfaction in Washington State. Red Comet’s online learning is engaging and presents even the most challenging topics in a way that students can understand. Students taking ouronline high school classes are challenged using a variety of learning techniques which makes learning interesting while keeping them motivated to complete their courses within the allotted schedule.

The new CMDS allows Red Comet to present curriculum in a manner in which it is intuitive for students to navigate. All courses follow the same format and this really helps returning students. Students have a clear view on what portions of the course have been completed and how much more needs to be completed. Once logged into the system, students can communicate with Red Comet staff through various means. They can send messages to their Red Comet teachers or staff, they can chat with Red Comet staff regarding questions or issues, they can participate in online sessions with Red Comet teachers or participate in discussion forums etc. The new CMDS allows all final tests to be proctored by an authorized person.

Red Comet’s Reporting & Tracking feature provides a clear outlay of student course progress. Several indicators within this feature will let the student, parent and school administrators track what portions of the course still need to be completed. Parents and teachers / school staff can monitor student progress by logging into the system. In case they have questions on the reports, the parents and teachers / school staff of the students’ school can always contact Red Comet staff for further clarifications.

An extensive set of question bank is available from which the CMDS randomly chooses an appropriate set of test questions. All test questions and the presented answer sequence within the question are also randomized. No two students will be administered the same set of final test questions and answers.

“Audio instructions and videos have been incorporated throughout the curriculum to support various types of learning. The curriculum is presented using drawings, images and colorful presentations. This will keep the learner engaged. Our new CMDS that is now launched makes these features possible,” said Dr. Jay Srinivasan, Managing Director of Red Comet.

“The new CMDS made us rethink our assessment strategies and provided us with interesting tools to test students in multiple ways. The test questions can be presented in different ways – this ensures that the student is not bored and is continuously engaged using different techniques,” said Ms. Sapna Ganeshan, President of Red Comet.

Students throughout the country use Red Comet’s high school classes that include all core subjects – Language Arts, Science, Mathematics and Social Studies, as well as numerous high school electives. A variety of students use Red Comet’s online learning program – students in need of credit recovery, students attending public high schools who cannot attend all of their high school classes, students attending private schools who are looking for electives or Advanced Placement classes, home school high school students who need help in specific subject areas, athletes, students with part-time jobs etc.

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