Red Comet Announces That Their Program Can be Implemented by Any High School in Washington State

Any high school in Washington State can allow their students to take Red Comet courses if they believe these courses bring value to the school.

Prosser, WA (PRWEB) May 24, 2010

Today, Red Comet has announced that any high school in Washington State can include Red Comet courses within their offerings, so long as the school feels that Red Comet brings value and benefit to the school and its students.

Students unable to attain a high school education through traditional means have often faced multiple barriers. Although many distance-learning programs are available, these are not always the best options for students or for the schools. Some of these programs are too expensive for a student and many times, schools cannot fund some of these programs to help their students out. Red Comet is a cost-effective online transfer credit program, designed to ensure that students are able to earn high school credits, and then finally graduate from their own school.

Red Comet differs substantially from what many schools have come to expect from online providers. Red Comet does not require any district, state, or federal funding, and the program does not take away FTE funds from the school. In addition, schools are required to make no investment of time or money in Red Comet. Students pay for this very economically priced program. Red Comet even offers discounts to ‘Free Lunch’ and ‘Reduced Lunch’ students.

As currently operated, Red Comet is not a multi-district online provider as defined by Washington state law, and therefore is not subject to the state’s multi-district online provider approval requirements. As a result, schools in WA can continue using Red Comet for credit transfer/credit retrieval. Transfer credits for Red Comet courses are issued by an accredited high school in WA, which is ranked amongst the top 100 high schools in the US.

One hundred and forty five high schools in the State of Washington have implemented Red Comet.

To learn more about Red Comet, and how this online transfer credit program can be of use to you, visit them online at

About Red Comet: Red Comet is an online transfer credit program, designed to assist students facing difficulties in attaining credits to graduate from high school. The courses are aligned to state academic standards and requirements, and students are able to graduate from their own high school, thanks to this innovative program.

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