National Johnson-O’Malley Association (NJOMA) Recognizes Toppenish School District

At their 2022 conference, the National Johnson-O’Malley Association (NJOMA) recognized the Toppenish School District as an “Exemplary Program of the Year.” In NJOMA’s words, “the Toppenish School District has a long list of contributions and highlights.” In addition, “they serve as community warriors to advocate for the 35 tribes and one village represented in the district.” NJOMA recognized Toppenish School District for its commitment to upholding the district’s mission statement of “We do what’s best for kids.”

In Toppenish School District’s Superintendent Mr. John Cerna’s words, “Toppenish School District is a place where all students receive the highest learning opportunities. Red Comet has been a crucial partner in helping us reach our learning goals. Since 2008, Toppenish High School has been using the Red Comet Online Program as an integral part of student learning. Red Comet’s solution is proven to work for students, no matter their demographics, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status.” In addition, he said, “Our early adoption of digital curriculum came in handy during the pandemic. We continue to explore and innovate to find the latest and best learning solutions. For example, we recently partnered with Red Comet to bring immersive VR and AR technology into our classrooms. Not only will this boost our STEM and CTE programs, but it also offers adaptive solutions for special populations. As with many technology-based solutions, students of all backgrounds have the opportunity to learn in a safe environment at their own pace.”

Red Comet is always on a continuous path of innovation. We constantly enhance our digital curriculum to boost student engagement and create lasting learning experiences. In addition, we are always on the lookout for innovative ways to supplement the digital curriculum,” said Red Comet’s President, Ms. Sapna Ganeshan. “We respect and admire Toppenish School District's fierce commitment to their mission and students. They are not afraid to bring creative and technology-based learning solutions to address the diverse needs of students,” said Red Comet’s Managing Director, Dr. Jay Srinivasan.

Red Comet's mission is to create a social and economic impact on society through education. We strive to help students overcome social, economic, family, and health barriers to achieving one of the essential milestones necessary to succeed in America - a high school diploma. Our students come from all demographics: public high schools, private high schools, inner-city schools, urban schools, rural schools, home schools, and homeless students.

About Red Comet:
Red Comet is an online education company that is fully accredited and approved in several states in the US. Red Comet offers a variety of solutions for virtual/remote learning, blended learning, alternate learning, and addressing learning loss.

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