School to College

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School to College

Recommended Grade Level: 9 - 12

Nearly 50% of high school students in the state of Washington pursue some form of post-secondary education. For one of life’s most important questions about what to do after high school, students often confront numerous conflicting facts, marketing messages, opinions and options.

School to College is a half credit course which takes the mystery out of this question. It covers every topic from, “Why go to college?” to objectively and intelligently evaluating a student’s post high-school options, to college selection and the college admissions process. For example, students learn to model the financial impact of graduating late from college or choosing one career path (e.g. Nuclear Engineering) over another (e.g. Veterinarian).

Students learn how to pursue post-secondary education in fields which best match their interests and profiles, in regions with low unemployment rates and high economic growth. They learn important life skills on the time value of money and the impact of borrowing to go to college. With college costs and student debt on the rise, students learn about various ways to lower costs of college attendance and all aspects of financial aid, including how best to afford the college of their choice.

Credit: 0.5




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