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Pre-Calculus - Semester - 1

Pre-Calculus - Semester - 1

Recommended Grade Level: 9 - 12

Course Credits: 0.5

Course Price: $285.00

Course Details:

This course builds on Algebra I & II and lays a solid foundation for a future course in Calculus. Student learns about several important concepts like Matrices, Sequences & Series and Complex Numbers. This course first provides a detailed introduction to the study of Trigonometry and later helps the student learn advanced concepts in this topic. With a firm understanding of Trigonometry and various concepts in Algebra, the student is well-prepared to handle the challenges of Calculus.


Section 1: Matrices

  • Introduction to Matrices
  • Types of Matrices
  • Add and Subtract Matrices
  • Multiplication of Matrices
  • Solving Matrix Equations
  • Determinant of Matrix
  • Inverse of Matrices
  • Transformation of Matrices
  • Examples of Transformations

Section 2: Sequences and Series

  • Introduction to Sequences
  • Fibonacci Sequence
  • Types of Sequences
  • Examples of Sequences
  • Introduction to Series
  • Arithmetic and Geometric Series
  • Partial Sums
  • Infinite Series

Section 3: introduction to Trigonometry

  • Overview of Trigonometry
  • Conversions
  • Quadrants
  • Trigonometry Basics
  • Trigonometric Identities
  • Special Triangles and Ratios
  • Trigonometry and Circles 

Section 4: Concepts of Trigonometry

  • Properties of Trigonometric Functions
  • Sine Function
  • Cosine Function
  • Sine Cosine Relation
  • Inverse Trigonometric Functions

Section 5: Complex Numbers

  • Introduction to Imaginary Numbers
  • Adding and Subtracting Complex Numbers
  • Conjugate Complex Number
  • Multiplying and Dividing Complex Numbers
  • Absolute Value of a Complex Number
  • Introduction to Complex Plane
  • Finding Values on a Complex Plane
  • Introduction to Polar Form
  • Polar Form to Rectangular Form
  • Circle, Line – Polar Form

Accreditation & Approvals

Cognia Advanced
International Association for K-12 Online Learning
National col-2dot4legiate Athletic Association
Northwest Accreditation Commission Board
Washington OSPI
University of California
Department of Education - Idaho
Arkansas Department of Education
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