French I Semester 1

 French I Semester 1
  • Recommended Grade Level: 9-12
  • Course Credits: 0.5
  • Course Price: $299.00

Course Overview:

Bien venue! Welcome! Come and join various native French speakers as they give students a lively introduction to the language and its rich culture. Join them in their everyday environment as they take students through different daily scenarios and give them the necessary skills to read, write, and speak French. In this course, students learn the basic French language. After one semester, students will be able to engage in conversation in French including greeting people, introducing themselves, and exchanging basic information with others. Students learn to count from one to 1,000 and make simple sentences in both spoken and written French. Students continue to develop their French skills in semester two. New words and phrases are introduced with pictures, audio clips, and examples. Students learn basic French grammar to help them build fluency and understand the structure of the French language. Students have many opportunities to practice what they learn through interactive practice activities in the form of games, written practice, and listening and speaking exercises. Students also explore the cultures of France, Canada, and other French-speaking regions by learning about geography, foods, celebrations, and traditions from each place. Bon Voyage! Enjoy the trip!


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • understand how the course is organized and how to use its navigational tools
  • understand the course requirements
  • identify how to use a pace guide

Required Materials:

  • You will need the following items to complete this course:
  • Disk space on your computer as well as external device to back up your files (flash drive, external hard drive, CD–Rom, etc.)
  • Printer
  • Audio Recording Tool: View Audio Options for audio recording resources


  • Windows Media Player 10 Series or higher: Microsoft download
  • Adobe© Shockwave© Player 10: Adobe Shockwave download
  • Adobe© Flash© Player 8.0: Adobe Flash Player download
  • Adobe© Acrobat© Reader™: 6.0 Adobe Acrobat Reader download
  • Internet Explorer 6.x or higher: Internet Explorer download
  • Shockwave Player: Shockwave Player download


  • Microphone Sound card
  • Speakers or headphones
  • Microphone


*Aligned to American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) standards.





Module 1: Présentations

  • La Culture
  • La Prononciation
  • Je m'appelle
  • Les Mots Apparentés
  • Comment ça va?
  • La Classe
  • Je Suis de
  • Le Monde Francophone

Module 2: Quand?

  • La Culture
  • Comptez
  • Comptez Deux
  • La Date
  • L'heure
  • Tu Aimes
  • Tu Aimes Deux
  • Les Pronoms

Module 3: Qui suis-je?

  • La Culture
  • Être
  • Le Pluriel
  • Les Questions
  • La Famille
  • Les Adjectifs 

Module 4: Ma ville

  • La Culture
  • La Ville
  • Aller
  • Les Adjectifs Possessifs
  • Les Adjectifs Possessifs Deux
  • Les Nombres à Mille
  • Les Adjectifs Comme Vert

Module 5: Mes choses

  • La Culture
  • Le verbe avoir
  • J'ai besoin de
  • Les Couleurs
  • Avoir Expressions
  • Segment One Collaboration

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