Flexibility Training

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Flexibility Training

Recommended Grade Level: 11 - 12

This course focuses on the often-neglected fitness component of flexibility. Students establish their fitness level, set goals, and design their own flexibility training program. They study muscular anatomy and learn specific exercises to stretch each muscle or muscle group. Students focus on proper posture and technique while training. They also gain an understanding of how to apply the FITT principles to flexibility training. This course explores aspects of static, isometric, and dynamic stretching, as well as touch on aspects of yoga and Pilates. This course also discusses good nutrition and effective cross-training. Students conduct fitness assessments and participate in weekly physical activity.

PLEASE NOTE: Course requirements mandate that the student be enrolled in this course for a minimum of 12 weeks. This course requires the student to complete activities over a 12-week period, and these activities are an integral part of the course. Transcripts will NOT be issued if the student does not successfully complete these activities.

If you want to enroll in a course that can be completed sooner (due to graduation or end-of-school-year deadlines), then we suggest that you enroll in another Life Skills / PE / Health course that does not specify a minimum enrollment period.

Credit: 0.5




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