Fitness Basics I

 Fitness Basics I
  • Recommended Grade Level: 9-12
  • Course Price: $299.00

Course Overview:

This course provides students with a basic understanding of fitness and nutrition. Students will learn about exercise safety, team and individual sports, nutrition, and the importance of staying active throughout their lifetime. Students conduct fitness assessments, set goals, develop their own fitness program, and participate in weekly physical activity.

Exercise Requirements:

Although this is an online course, the exercise requirements are anything but virtual!

  1. You are required to have 12 WEEKS of physical activity for this course.
  2. Your weekly workouts must follow the 3-3-3 Schedule.
  • The total time must equal at least three hours of physical activity a week.
  • The activity needs to be accumulated over at least three days.
  • Students must participate in at least three different types of activities.
  1. You are encouraged to participate in a variety of physical activities. Refer to the Weekly Fitness Log Instructions for detailed recommendations.


Each week you will fill out a Weekly Fitness Log. Approximately every four weeks (refer to schedule for more information) you will have a Student Fitness Checkpoint where you will review your progress. In addition, your parent or guardian must submit the parent verification form below. Without this verification you will NOT receive credit for your Weekly Fitness Log.

Fitness Log Instructions & Sample Schedule

  • Fitness Log Instructions
  • Sample Workout Schedule

Weekly Fitness Log

  • Fitness Log (Word Document)
  • Fitness Log (Rich Text Format)
  • Fitness Log (Google Doc)

Supervisor Verification

  • Supervisor Verification Form (Word Document)
  • Supervisor Verification Form (Rich Text Format)
  • Supervisor Verification Form (Google Doc)


This course is divided into the following Units and Sections.

Course Introduction

Unit 1: Get Moving

  • 1.1 Getting Started
  • 1.2 Fitness Assessment
  • 1.3 Fitness Analysis

Unit 2: Exercise Programming

  • 2.1 Goal Setting
  • 2.2 Creating an Exercise Program
  • 2.3 Motivation and Cooperation

Unit 3: Exercise Technique

  • 3.1 Warm Up and Cool Down
  • 3.2 Exercise Technique & Proper Posture

Unit 4: Foundation of Fitness

  • 4.1 Components of Fitness
  • 4.2 Principles of Exercise
  • 4.3 Heart Rate and Intensity

Unit 5: Fitness

  • 5.1 What is Fitness?
  • 5.2 Skill vs. Health
  • 5.3 Benefits of Fitness

Unit 6: Post Assessment

  • 6.1 Post Assessment

Awards, Approvals, and Accreditation

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  • National col-2dot4legiate Athletic Association
  • Northwest Accreditation Commission Board
  • Washington OSPI
  • University of California