English I – Semester – 2

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English I – Semester – 2

Recommended Grade Level: 9

The Grade 9 Writing course provides students with the foundation required for effective communication in their current personal lives as well as in the future. Students learn how to communicate effectively with others through written and oral presentations.

The course provides the strategies for students to generate and organize ideas in order to present those ideas to a wide variety of audiences. Students discover the skills for listening and moving from a prewritten plan to a final draft with consideration for time restraints and a diverse social system.

Upon completion of this course, students will:

  • understand strategies for generating ideas and planning writing
  • be able to compose multiple drafts
  • be able to revise text
  • be able to edit for convention
  • be able to publish material in appropriate formats
  • understand the recursive nature of the writing process
  • be able to use collaborative skills to adapt the writing process
  • be aware of time constraints
  • understand their audience
  • understand the purpose of writing
  • be able to use different forms and genres
  • understand documents used in various career settings
  • be able to select topics and elaborate on them
  • be able to select effective organizational structures
  • be able to apply a variety of listening strategies to accommodate the listening situation
  • be able to guide themselves in a diverse social system
  • be able to plan a successful oral presentation
  • be able to develop skills and strategies for a successful oral presentation

Credit: 0.5



Section 1

  • Strategies for Generating Ideas and Planning Writing
  • Composing Multiple Drafts
  • Revising Text
  • Editing for Convention

Section 2

  • Publishing Material in Appropriate Formats
  • Understanding the Recursive Nature of Writing Process
  • Uses Collaborative Skills to Adapt Writing Process

Section 3

  • Being Aware of Time Constraints
  • Understanding your Audience
  • Understanding the Purpose of Writing

Section 4

  • Using Different Forms and Genres
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  • Documents Used in Various Career Settings
  • Selecting Topics and Elaborating on Them
  • Selecting Effective Organizational Structures

Section 5

  • Applying a Variety of Listening Strategies
  • Guiding Yourself in a Diverse Social System
  • Planning a Successful Oral Presentation
  • Developing Skills and Strategies for a Successful Oral Presentation

Section 6

  • Debates, Speeches and Important Documents


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