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Careers in Research

Careers in Research

Recommended Grade Level: 9 - 12

Course Credits: 0.5

Course Price: $285.00

Course Details:

This course helps you understand the meaning, significance and objectives of research. The different types of research and the qualities of good research are described. The student acquires the knowledge and skills necessary to understand the principles and requirements of scientific method. Student gets a brief introduction to copyright laws, plagiarism and ethical issues in research. This course evaluates the various careers available in the field of Research and the associated remuneration.

Upon completion of this course, students will understand the:

  • Meaning of Research
  • Significance of Research
  • Types of Research
  • Research Approaches and Criteria of Good Research
  • Importance of interpretation x Technique of report writing
  • Ethics in Research
  • Various methods of Research
  • Various tools of data collection
  • Selection of appropriate tools for research
  • Research process
  • Meaning of hypothesis, its characteristics and the various methods of testing ahypothesis
  • Meaning and importance of sampling design
  • Need for good research design
  • Need for a desirable size of sample for research
  • Methods used to determine the size of the sample
  • The processing of data
  • How to analyze data and use statistics in research

Note: This course is not designed for ELL (English Language Learners) students. ELL students may enroll in this course ONLY if they have adequate mentor support at their home school and are able to fulfill all course requirements.


Section 1: Introduction to Research

  • Introduction to Research
  • Significance of Research
  • Types of Research
  • Research Approach
  • Criteria of Good Research

Section 2: Research Process and Design

  • Research Process
  • Research Problem
  • Research Hypothesis
  • Research Design
  • Sampling Design

Section 3: Research Methods and Tools

  • Research Methods
  • Selection of Tools
  • Other Methods of Data Collection

Section 4: Processing and Analysis of Data

  • Sampling Techniques
  • Processing of Data
  • Types of Analysis
  • Statistics in Research
  • Tools for Analysis

Section 5: Interpretation and Report Writing

  • Interpretation
  • Report Writing
  • Ethics in Research

Section 6: Careers in Research

  • Research Psychologist
  • Industrial Researchers
  • Market Researchers
  • Political Researchers
  • Pharmaceutical Researchers
  • Financial Analysts
  • Research Scientists
  • Academic Researchers
  • Social Science Researchers

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