Arkansas State History

 Arkansas State History
  • Recommended Grade Level: 9-12
  • Course Credits: 0.5
  • Course Price: $0.00

Course Overview:

This course provides a study of the history of Arkansas. The course addresses the geographic features and economics of the state, focusing on political, social, religious, military, scientific, and cultural developments that have occurred over time. Students study both the early and modern history of Arkansas. They learn about the leaders that have shaped the state as well as the many internationally renowned companies that are headquartered there.

Note: This course is not designed for ELL (English Language Learners) students. ELL students may enroll in this course ONLY if they have adequate mentor support at their home school and are able to fulfill all course requirements.



Section1: Geography of Arkansas

  • Introduction
  • Basic Physical Features of Arkansas
  • Climate and Weather
  • Arkansas Crops and Agriculture
  • Arkansas Landmarks and Points of Interest
  • Major Cities in Arkansas

Section2: History of Arkansas

  • Introduction
  • Early Natives
  • European Explorers and Impact on Natives
  • The Louisiana Purchase
  • Civil War
  • Reconstruction

Section3: Modern History of Arkansas

  • Introduction
  • The Great Depression and the New Deal
  • World War II
  • Civil Rights Movement
  • The Arkansas Constitution
  • Structure of Government
  • Key Governors, U.S. Senators and Leaders

Section 4: The Economy of Arkansas

  • Introduction
  • History of the Economy
  • Industries in Arkansas
  • Trade
  • Science and Health
  • Culture and Diversity

Section 5: Case Study: Walmart

  • Introduction
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Walmart’s Impact on Society
  • Walmart’s Impact on Trade
  • Walmart’s Impact on Public Policy
  • Walmart’s Impact on Arkansas Art and Culture

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