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AP Government and Politics United States

AP Government and Politics United States

Recommended Grade Level: 9 - 12

Course Credits: 1

Course Price: $350.00

Course Details:

"Lights, Camera, Action" ...Prepare to study the intricacies of the American Political Culture. The script is written, and the actors participate daily in the drama of American politics. You will be "on location" to delve into primary source documents. You will go behind the scenes with stars such as the President, Congress people, and Supreme Court Justices. You will research the roles of the media, political parties, interest groups, states, candidates, bureaucracy, and the public in the governmental process. Finally, you will witness the large- scale production of policy building in the areas of economic/social policy, foreign policy and public administration.

Recommended Materials:

These books are not required for completion of the course but offer more information and excellent preparation for the AP United States Government and Politics Exam.

Lader, Curt. Barron's AP U.S. Government and Politics. New Jersey: Barron's Educational Series. Hauppauge, New York.

Princeton Review. Cracking the AP U.S. Government & Politics Exam. The Princeton Review. New York, New York.


Segment I:

Module 01: Constitutional Democracy

  • Constitutional Democracy Introduction
  • Why Government?
  • Founding Principles
  • The Constitution
  • Federalists v. Anti-Federalists
  • Separation of Powers
  • Federalism
  • The Power Debate Today
  • Constitutional Democracy Review and DBA
  • Constitutional Democracy Exam

Module 02: Civil Liberties, Civil Rights

  • Civil Liberties, Civil Rights Introduction
  • The First Amendment
  • Security v. Speech
  • Liberty v. Safety
  • The Accused
  • Due Process
  • Equal Protection
  • And Justice for All
  • Civil Liberties, Civil Rights Review and DBA
  • Civil Liberties, Civil Rights Exam

Module 03: Interaction Among Branches

  • Interaction Among Branches Introduction
  • Congress
  • Congressional Behavior
  • The Presidency
  • Executive Power
  • The Supreme Court
  • The Bureaucracy
  • Checks, Balances, and Accountability
  • Interaction Among Branches Review and DBA
  • Interaction Among Branches Exam

Module 04: Political Culture and Participation

  • Political Culture and Participation Introduction
  • Political Socialization
  • Ideology
  • Public Opinion
  • The Media
  • The Parties
  • Interest Groups
  • The Voters
  • Elections
  • Campaigns
  • AP Practice Exam
  • Political Culture and Participation Review and DBA
  • Political Culture and Participation Exam
  • Segment Exam

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