Adaptive PE

 Adaptive PE
  • Recommended Grade Level: 9-12
  • Course Credits: 0.5
  • Course Price: $299.00

Course Overview:

This course allows for customized exercise requirements based on a student’s situation. In addition, students learn the basic skills and information needed to begin a personalized exercise program and maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. Students research the benefits of physical activity, as well as the techniques, principles, and guidelines of exercise to keep them safe and healthy.

Required Materials:

Although this is an online course, the exercise requirements are anything but virtual!


Because you are taking an adaptive PE course, it is assumed that you may need to make specific adaptations to your academic or physical activities. Below are the exercise recommendations for this course. If you are unable to fulfill the recommendations below, you should consult with your physician, parents/guardians, and instructor to formulate an appropriate Minimum Activity Plan (MAP).

You will need to complete the Minimum Activity Plan worksheet below and submit it with a doctor's note to your instructor within the first two weeks of this course.

Word Document Minimum Activity Plan

Rich Text Format Minimum Activity Plan

Google Doc Minimum Activity Plan


  • You should have 12 weeks of physical activity.
  • Your weekly workouts should equal 3 hours of exercise accumulated over at least three days of the week.
  • You should include elements of cardio, strength, and flexibility training each week, as outlined below.



  • Recommended minimum of 90 minutes of cardio per week
  • Specify which cardio activities
  • Cardio workouts, ideally, can be done every day of the week
  • A cardio workout means that your heart rate is elevated within your target zone (approximately 130-180 bpm)


  • Recommended Minimum of 30 minutes of strength training per week
  • Specify which muscles worked and with what equipment
  • You should work every major muscle or muscle group at least once during the week
  • When strength training you should allow your muscles to rest for at least 48 hours before working the same muscles again
  • If you want to strength train every day, alternate upper body one day and lower body the next


  • Recommended Minimum of 5-10 minutes of stretching at the end of every cardio or strength training workout
  • Other optional flexibility workouts such as yoga or Pilates can be included as well

*Note: A warm-up and cool down is implied and should be included in every workout session.



Each week you will fill out a Weekly Fitness Log. Approximately every four weeks (refer to schedule for more information) you will have a Student Checkpoint where you will review your progress. In addition, your parent or guardian must submit the Supervisor Verification form below. Without this verification you may NOT receive credit for your Weekly Fitness Log.

Fitness Log Instructions & Sample Schedule

  • Fitness Log Instructions
  • Sample Workout Schedule

Weekly Fitness Log

  • Fitness Log (Word Document)
  • Fitness Log (Rich Text Format)
  • Fitness Log (Google Doc)

Supervisor Verification

  • Supervisor Verification Form (Word Document)
  • Supervisor Verification Form (Rich Text Format)
  • Supervisor Verification Form (Google Doc)


Course Introduction

Unit 1: Fitness Assessment

  • 1.1 Fitness Assessment
  • 1.2 Fitness Analysis & Goals

Unit 2: Know Before You Go

  • 2.1 Getting Started
  • 2.2 Warm-Up/Cool Down
  • 2.3 Posture & Technique

Unit 3: What is Fitness?

  • 3.1 What is Fitness?
  • 3.2 Exercise Benefits
  • 3.3 Safety & Injury Prevention

Unit 4: Principles of Fitness

  • 4.1 Components of Fitness
  • 4.2 FITT Principles
  • 4.3 Heart Rate & Intensity

Unit 5: Diet & Substances

  • 5.1 Nutrition
  • 5.2 Weight Management
  • 5.3 Drugs & Fitness

Unit 6: Post Assessment

  • 6.1 Post Assessment

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