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American Literature II

American Literature II

Recommended Grade Level: 11

Course Credits: 0.5

Course Price: $250.00

Course Details:

American Literature II continues the study of important literature in American heritage that students began learning about in American Literature I beginning with The Gettysburg Address The course explores the periods of Realism and Naturalism and covers literary devices, such as setting, irony, tall tales, and social themes. Students will study the Modernist Period, Harlem Renaissance and the Lost Generation. By the end of this course, students will have read the works of many of America’s greats including T.S. Eliot, Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson and more.


Section 1: Realism and Regionalism

  • Period of Realism and Naturalism
  • Rise of Regionalism
  • Mark Twain

Section 2: Women in American Literature

  • Period of Naturalism
  • Women in American Literature
  • The Works Of Emily Dickinson
  • Social Theme

Section 3: War and Turmoil

  • The American Dream Reconstructed
  • In Review
  • War And Its Impact On Literature
  • The Birth Of Modernism
  • War And Its Impact
  • The Lost Generation

Section 4: Modernism

  • Recognizing Modernism
  • Women In Modernism
  • In Review

Section 5: Review of Recent Literature

  • Cold War Literature
  • Current American Literature
  • Immigrant Authors
  • Impact Of Immigrant Literature
  • In Review

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