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Platform, Technology & Curriculum Integration

Ms. Varshini Gunasekaran

Curriculum Integration & Platform Specialist

Ms. Gunasekaran has many years of IT experience as an Analyst specializing in application development and finding technical solutions using the Oracle database and MySQL database utilizing SQL, PL/SQL Programming. She has a Bachelor's degree in Technology and has practicum experience as a Support Analyst/Database Analyst with the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. Ms. Gunasekaran also has deep understanding of the curriculum requirements for K-12.

At Red Comet, Ms. Gunasekaran's job is to maintain the Learning Management Platform. She works with Agilix and the Red Comet Admin staff to ensure that the platform runs smoothly. She ensures that students have the best possible learning experience on the Red Comet platform. Varshini also works with curriculum experts, Red Comet teachers and other staff to ensure that Red Comet courses are of the highest quality. She will make changes to the platform content based on instructions from the curriculum experts / Red Comet teachers. She also helps maintain data on QuickBase.

Ms. Veronica Diaz

Platform QA & Database Support

Ms. Diaz has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and is experienced as a Software Developer and Technical Support Analyst.  At Red Comet, she supports the technical administration and curriculum integration team with coding on the platform, scheduling courses, and editing course settings to improve overall student experience. Veronica also performs quality assurance checks to ensure course structure robustness and uniformity across the learning platform. She also helps with database monitoring and ensuring data sanity across Courses tables in the Database.

Ms. Deepa K Nagaraj

Database Administrator

Ms. Nagaraj comes with 10 Years of IT experience and a solid grounding in the fields of Education, Licensing, Certification, Assessments, and Automation technologies. She has played a key role in database migration, performance monitoring, and troubleshooting projects involving Oracle, My SQL, and DB2 database environments. She has a Master’s degree in Digital Networking & Communication from VT University, India. At Red Comet, Deepa maintains the QuickBase system and manages the Learning Management System for students and customers.

Ms. Jessica Feauto

Database Specialist and App Builder

Jessica Feauto has six years of experience and has the Platform App Builder Certification in Salesforce. Ms. Feauto also has six years of QuickBase experience and is a certified App Builder and Expert. At Red Comet, Ms. Feauto guides the development and management of the student database, ticketing system and CRM.

Ms. Lavanya Veeramallu

Data collection and Scheduling Support Specialist

Ms. Veeramallu has a Master’s degree in Public Administration and Management and Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications. She is also certified in MS Office applications. She has received numerous awards in Academics & Service activities.

At Red Comet, Lavanya will support the technical administration and curriculum integration team with course editing, course-related data collection and scheduling courses. She performs administration related course checks to maintain course sanity, structure, and robustness.

Mr. Denis Chernick

Database Analyst

Mr. Chernick is a high-experienced VBA Developer and Database Analyst. He's working in this area about 15 years and developing the dozens of databases and thousands of lines of code every month. He has a Bachelor's degree in Radiotechnics and Cybernetics. At Red Comet, Mr. Chernick develops applications that help manage the student database.

Accreditation & Approvals

Cognia Advanced
International Association for K-12 Online Learning
National Collegiate Athletic Association
Northwest Accreditation Commission Board
Washington OSPI
University of California
Department of Education - Idaho
Arkansas Department of Education