Science Elective – Research

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Science Elective – Research

This course helps us to understand the meaning, significance and objectives of research. The different types of research and the qualities of good research are described. The student acquires the knowledge and skills necessary to understand the principles and requirements of scientific method. Relevance and applications of the interpretation and art of report writing is explored. Student gets a brief introduction to copyright laws, plagiarism and ethical issues in research. This course evaluates the various Research methods available and the various tools used in collection of data and their selection.

The student will explore the research process, meaning, characteristics and testing of hypothesis. The need for good research design and also the importance of sampling is discussed. This course deals with the sampling techniques used and methods used to determine a sample size. The student effectively analyzes the steps involved in processing data and analyzing it. The importance and use of Statistics in Research is described.

Credit: 0.5




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