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Recommended Grade Level: 11 - 12

This course provides a foundation in scientific investigation and the scientific method. Students understand the impact of science on society and that science has evolved to serve the various needs of society. The course introduces students to the principles of physics and to the important concept of systems thinking. Students are introduced to vector algebra and understand the various concepts related to forces and motion. The course provides a detailed analysis of various case studies where the principles of physics and engineering were adopted to solve complex real-world problems.

Students learn about the different types of waves and wave properties. They learn about Electromagnetic waves and the dual nature of light. The course discusses energy and the different types of energy and delves into the laws of conservation. Students learn about the fundamental forces – including the Strong force, the electromagnetic force and the Weak force. The course exposes the student to the fundamentals of electricity and the nature of both the magnetic and electric field. The nature of thermal energy is discussed followed by the fundamentals of thermodynamics. Last but not least, there is an extensive discussion on earth’s energy sources – including the various forms of alternate energies available to us.

Credit: 0.5




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