Enrichment Spanish I – Semester – 2

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Enrichment Spanish I – Semester – 2

Recommended Grade Level: 9 - 12

This course uses the English language to teach the student the grammar and other rules of the Spanish language. With the help of English translations, the student learns to read and write in the Spanish language. The student is provided with a lot of audio support so that they learn to correctly pronounce the words and phrases in Spanish. At the end of this course, the student will know most of the grammar and other rules of the Spanish language and be able to read, understand and write simple sentences in Spanish.

Credit: 0.5



Section 1:

  • More About The Past
  • Everyday Life
  • Festivals & Holidays

Section 2:

  • Expressing Yourself
  • Emotions
  • Advanced Verbs

Section 3:

  • Commands & Demands
  • Nouns & Pronouns
  • Nature
  • The Present
  • Accent Marks
  • Prepositions & Conjunctions
  • Popular Sayings

Section 4:

  • Body Parts
  • Spanish In Everyday Life

Section 5:

  • The Future
  • Vocabulary In Daily Life
  • Leisure – Sports, Hobbies & Past-Times


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