English II Grade 10

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English II Grade 10

Recommended Grade Level: 10 - 12

This course allows students to analyze and evaluate textual information and to develop their own personal response. Students study and analyze various genre – including literary text, poems, and essays and informational documents like contracts, employment agreements etc. Students read a variety of traditional and contemporary literary pieces and learn to compare and contrast different works by the same author or by different authors in the same genre. Students learn about bias and become aware of persuasive techniques used in mass media. This course also teaches students to identify their audience and to craft their written compositions accordingly. Students study and evaluate various historic speeches, essays and debates – and learn what makes them so effective and memorable. Students are encouraged to find their own voice in their writing and to organize their text meticulously. Students learn to write using established writing conventions. This course strives to improve the students’ skills & strategies when it comes to personal communication.

Credit: 0.5




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