Earth & Space Science

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Earth & Space Science

Recommended Grade Level: 11 - 12

This course introduces the student to the history of earth, earth’s formation and life cycle of stars. Students learn about formation of continental & ocean-floor features, earth’s interior and earth’s feedback systems. They study about the importance of water and the co-evolution of earth’s systems and life on earth. The course teaches students about modeling flow of energy in earth’s systems & earth’s climate. This course emphasizes the importance of managing earth’s resources and students get an appreciation of earth’s influence on human activity including natural hazards. The true cost of fossil fuels, the perils of energy production and alternate forms of energy are discussed. Students study & analyze several case studies related to energy production and alternate forms of energy.

Students also study about the importance of our environment – the factors affecting it and why it’s important to carefully watch it. The course delves into the effect of environmental degradation on ecosystems and biodiversity – and the impact on humans. They also learn about the political factors affecting environment sanity and the need to carefully evaluate the benefits vs. tradeoffs for various commercial activities.

Credit: 0.5




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