Digital Photography I

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Digital Photography I

Recommended Grade Level: 11 - 12

Have you ever wondered how professional photographers manage to take such great pictures? Have you tried to take photographs and wondered why they didn’t seem to capture that moment that you saw with your eyes? Digital Photography 1a: Introduction will answer these questions and more, and help you gain a better understanding of photography. You’ll learn the basics of photography and camera functions, including aperture, shutter speed, natural vs. artificial lighting, and elements of composition. You will also explore how an image is created as well as study the history of photography and advances in camera technology over the last several centuries.

Credit: 0.5





Required Materials:

  • Manual camera or digital camera with manual settings (the camera needs to allow for the mode, shutter speed, and aperture to be adjusted)
    *A Smartphone may be used for most required tasks; however, appropriate applications will need to be installed to allow the student to make the necessary adjustments to the camera mode, shutter speed, and aperture.
  • Tripod (or necessary item(s) to create a stable foundation such as a table)
  • Reflector (white paper, poster board, sheets, or a wall can also serve as a reflector)
  • Image editing software.
  • Access to a slideshow application, such as PowerPoint.


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