Comprehensive Biology II

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Comprehensive Biology II

This course explains the basics of biology, from the classification of species to the sustenance of life on earth. Students learn about the various types of classifications and the scientific method and investigation linked to the factors that allow for species to survive or die. This course covers the factors that affect populations. This course discusses how organisms participate in the cycles of matter and flow of energy to survive and reproduce. The scientific method and investigation is linked to the factors that foster or limit growth of populations within ecosystems and how these factors help to maintain the overall health of the ecosystem. This course covers the factors that affect populations. This course discusses decisions about protecting endangered species and explores questions on how to meet the resource needs of our civilization while maintaining the health and sustainability of Earth’s ecosystems. The fundamental concepts offered will enable students to understand sophisticated system models, and learn the concept of feedback. Students learn to address societal problems and understand that science and technology are interdependent – that science and technology influence society, and in turn society influences the development of science and technology. Students extend and refine their understanding of the nature of inquiry and their ability to formulate questions, propose hypotheses, and design, conduct, and report on investigations.

Credit: 0.5




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