Comprehensive Algebra II

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Comprehensive Algebra II

This course helps the student understand which equations and functions (linear, non-linear, exponential, logarithmic, inverse etc.) to select to solve various types of problems. Students explore the relationships between whole, real, complex and other types of numbers and perform various mathematical operations on rational and algebraic expressions. Students will understand how to translate between the standard, vertex and factored form of quadratic equations. This course will teach how to determine the number and nature of roots of quadratic equations and to represent them as graphs and tables. The student acquires the knowledge and skills necessary to understand the principles and requirements of solving various problems using permutations and combinations. Students are introduced to the concept of probability, Binomial theorem and population count. They also learn the concept of arithmetic and geometric series and the practical applications of these series. Student explores the relevance and applications of understanding word problems and interpreting them in terms of complex equations. Student understands how to interpret inverse variations and write the correct equations. This course demonstrates to the student how the same algebraic techniques can be applied to various situations. Students build upon what they had learned in Algebra I and solve more complex problems.

Credit: 0.5




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