AP Psychology Semester – 2

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AP Psychology Semester – 2

AP Psychology is a college level course providing students an overview of the development of human behaviors and thoughts. Along with preparation for the AP Psychology exam, the goals of this course are to immerse students in modern psychological investigation techniques, to accentuate the ethics and morality of human and animal research, and to emphasize scientific critical thinking skills in application to the social sciences. Psychology is a diverse social and biological science with multiple perspectives and interpretations.

In this semester, you will learn about cognition and intelligence, motivation – hunger, emotion, theories of emotion, personality, social psychology and abnormal psychology – anxiety, somatoform, dissociative disorders, etc.,




Required Materials:

You will need the following items to complete this course:

  • Textbook (e-text): Psychology AP™ Edition (with My Psych Lab) Ciccarelli and White, 4th Edition (Pearson)
  • An e-text code is required to access the textbook and any of the supplementary materials on the e-text website. Contact your instructor for your e-text code.
  • System and Browser Recommendations
  • Adobe Shockwave Player 11.0 or higher
  • Current minimum Flash Player required by your school.
  • Disk space on your computer as well as external device to back up your files (flash drive, external hard drive, CD–Rom, etc.)
  • Printer


Segment II

Module 06: Cognition and Intelligence

  • Welcome to Module 6: Cognition and Intelligence
  • Experiment
  • FRQ Practice
  • Psych Journal
  • Memory and Models of Memory: Accessing the Data Bank
  • Information Processing and Sensory Memory: What Was It I Just Saw?
  • Short-Term and Long-Term Memory: Unforgettable . . . Stuck in Your Head
  • Retrieval: Getting it out of Storage
  • Forgetting: I Can’t Find My Keys
  • Thinking: As the Gears Turn in Our Head
  • Intelligence: How Smart are We!
  • Testing: Construction Zone!
  • Language: What Did You Say?
  • Module 6 Exam

Module 07: Motivation

  • Welcome to Module 7: Motivation
  • Experiment
  • FRQ Practice
  • Psych Journal
  • Motivation: Different Strokes for Different Folks!
  • Hunger, Motivation, and Eating Behaviors: Hungry, Again?
  • Emotion: Feelings….Nothing more than Feelings.
  • Theories of Emotion: Why I feel the way I do.
  • I/O Psychology: Psychology in the Workforce/Discussion-Based Assessment
  • Module 7 Exam

Module 08: Personality

  • Welcome to Module 8: Personality
  • Experiment
  • FRQ Practice
  • Psych Journal
  • Personality: Who Am I?
  • Psychodynamic: The Man and the Couch
  • Behaviorist and Social Cognitive Views: Do we have a pattern here?
  • Humanistic View: May the Third Force be with You and only You!
  • Trait Theory: Enduring?
  • Behavioral Genetics: Is it Really in our Genes?
  • Personality Assessments: What’s the Method?
  • Module 8 Exam

Module 09: Clinical Psychology

  • Welcome to Module 9: Clinical Psychology
  • Experiment
  • FRQ Practice
  • Psych Journal
  • What is Clinical Psychology?
  • Anxiety, Somatoform, and Dissociative Disorders
  • Mood Disorders
  • Schizophrenia
  • Personality Disorders
  • Therapy and Evaluation/Discussion-Based Assessment
  • Psychoanalysis and Humanistic Therapy
  • Behavioral , Cognitive, and Group Therapy
  • Biomedical Approaches
  • A.S.
  • Module 9 Exam
  • Segment 2 Collaboration Project (due by end of Segment 2)

Module 10: Social Psychology

  • Welcome to Module 10: Social Psychology
  • Experiment
  • FRQ Practice
  • Psych Journal
  • Social Influence: Such a Copycat!
  • Attitudes and Attribution: Its all about your disposition!
  • Social Interaction: Just get along!
  • Attraction: I think I love you!
  • Aggression and Prosocial Behavior: Helping hands/Discussion-Based Assessment
  • Module 10 Review and Exam
  • Segment 2 Collaboration Project (due by end of Segment 2)

Module 11: AP Exam Review

  • Welcome to Module 11: Review for the AP Exam
  • Experiment
  • FRQ Practice
  • Psych Journal
  • Methods and Neuroscience
  • Sensation, Perception, and States of Consciousness
  • Developmental Psychology and Learning
  • Memory, Cognition, Language, and Intelligence
  • Motivation and Emotion (Includes Collaborative Project Activity)
  • Perspectives, Disorders, Therapies, and Stress
  • Social Psychology
  • Segment 2 Exam


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