Algebra II – Semester 1

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Algebra II – Semester 1

Recommended Grade Level: 10 - 12

This course builds on the concepts discussed in Algebra I. The different types of functions, including exponential, linear, non-linear, exponential, logarithmic and quadratic functions are described in great detail and students are challenged to a higher level of understanding. Student learns about various inequalities and understands how different parameters will affect the properties of a graph. Operations on matrices are discussed in depth and students learn about conic sections.

Student works with polynomials and tries to solve complicated equations with polynomials. Rational expressions and equations are discussed along with asymptotes. Students learn about the fundamentals of statistics like mean, variance, standard deviation, and learn to Predict and make decisions and judgments from data. The courses introduces the student to the concepts of trigonometry and students solve problems using Trigonometric concepts.

Course may need students to use a graphing calculator. If you would like to purchase we recommend the TI84. If you are looking for online options, Desmos has a free online calculator and Texas Instruments is currently providing free downloads (however this availability from Texas instruments may change without notice).

Credit: 0.5




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