American Government & Economics II (Econ.)

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American Government & Economics II (Econ.)

Recommended Grade Level: 11 - 12

This course focuses on economics and economic principles – and how it impacts America and its citizens. The course introduces the student to key concepts in economics. Students learn about the different types of economies – and their benefits, Cost and Price, the different factors affecting the economic choices that people make, factors of production, laws of supply & demand, economic indicators and, consumers, producers & competition. The course introduces the student to the FED, factors influencing the markets, labor unions, tariffs, subsidies – and how the consumers pay for government interference. The effects of globalization and its effect on US trade policies are studied in-depth. The course teaches students the fundamentals of personal money management – how to create budgets, how to analyze expenditures, how to invest wisely – and the vehicles of investment, importance of being adequately insured, and the difference between credit and smart debt etc. Students are also taught the basics of career planning, and how to get that first job and succeed at it.

Credit: 0.5




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